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Founded in 1953, Brandt Consolidated was created by Glen Brandt and his sister, Evelyn Brandt Thomas, to help Illinois farmers adopt new and profitable technologies for their operations. These founding tenets still hold true today.


The Beginning

Their belief in both innovation and strong customer service has helped them thrive for the past 55 years. The Brandts are most proud of the people who have made this organization what it is today. The Brandt family of more than 200 employees are now working in more than 10 states and in several countries around the world.
Although now a mature company by most standards, in the past several years, Brandt has undergone a rebirth with new leadership. That rebirth brought Rick C. Brandt to the helm as President and Chief Executive Officer. Rick, the son of Glen Brandt, has overseen a growth curve that has increased sales and guided the company to move its headquarters from the small farm community of Pleasant Plains, Illinois to its beautiful new facility in the state capital of Springfield, Illinois in 2007. According to Mr. Brandt "Our move to Springfield underscores our commitment to the future, and will enable Brandt to attract and retain the best talent in the region for the next 55 years."
Brandt is comprised of 3 operating divisions: Specialty Formulations, Retail Agronomy and Dealer Support.

Specialty Formulations

Formed over 30 years ago, the Specialty Formulations Division emerged as a pioneer in the crop specialty chemical field. Since then, product offerings have diversified broadly, as has its market reach. Today, Specialty Formulations is a diversified manufacturing, distributing and marketing enterprise comprised of 3 distinct segments:
Commercial Agriculture (row crops, fruits and vegetables)

Marketing its products exclusively through distributors and dealers worldwide, Specialty Formulations provides unique crop nutrients, adjuvants, pesticides, fungicides and nematicides. By dealing solely through a reseller network, Brandt Specialty Formulations is able to utilize the sales forces of all of its resellers to reach the agricultural markets in America and beyond.

While Brandt has been in the international markets for over 20 years, the past several have seen a true commitment and growth in that sector for Brandt Specialty Formulations. In 2006 Brandt formed Brandt S.A., based in Santiago, Chile to be the headquarters for its expanding presence in Latin America, while 2007 saw the company create Brandt Europe and open an office in Paris to better serve its clients in Europe, Africa and the Mediterranean.
Turf and Ornamental

Through the Specialty Formulations division, Brandt reaches the golf and recreational turf industry as well as the Greenhouse/Ornamental Horticulture and Aquaculture Industry. This segment services over 2000 direct turf customers, hundreds of distributors around America as well as in the U.K., Europe, Asia and Australia.

Retail Agronomy

Brandt currently operates 12 agricultural outlets, providing products and services to farmers such as crop nutrients, seed, crop protection products, crop scouting, soil testing, custom application of pesticides and fertilizers and development of comprehensive nutrient management plans. In addition to simply supplying products to growers, Brandt Certified Crop Advisors (CCA) are on staff to provide professional guidance and crop input recommendations to those farmers.
Many of these outlets provide custom crop nutrient formulating and application services on site. In addition to all of the farm support efforts, Brandt also provides customized computer and GPS systems designed to enhance grower profitability by helping growers track results vs. inputs more efficiently.

Brandt Dealer Support

Due to both its favorable financial strength as well as long standing relationships with basic commodity producers, Brandt's Dealer Support Division markets a range of fertilizer commodities through both agricultural and industrial dealers, distributors and consumers. Products and services provided by this division include:
24-hour automated fertilizer terminals
Transportation arrangements, dispatch and coordination
National and International market intelligence
Brokerage services of crop nutrient commodities
Technical support of its services and products