Product Uses


The products listed have many uses. For more information on specific product uses or how it can be used for your industry, please contact us.


Hydrofluosilic Acid
  • Water Fluoridation  
  • Increase hardness of ceramics  
  • Disinfect copper and brass kettles  
  • Harden cement  
  • In technical paints  
  • In wood preservatives  
  • Electroplating  
  • Manufacture of alumina flouride  
  • Manufacture hydrofluoric acid
Ammonium Sulfate
  • Fertilizer and fertilizer trace element  
  • Water Treatment  
  • Fermentation  
  • Fire Proofing  
  • Manufacture of viscose rayon  
  • Tanning  
  • Food additive
Nitric Acid
  • Manufacture of nitrates, calcium nitrate, cobalt nitrate,
    magnesium nitrate and manganese nitrate  
  • Cleaning zirconium tubing  
  • Etching metal and aluminum foil  
  • Etching process of electronic components  
  • Cleaning agent for oil coolers  
  • Manufacture of nickel nitrate and nickel cobalt  
  • Production of adipic acid used to produce fibers  
  • Intermediate in the manufacture of industrial chemicals  
  • Manufacture of explosives and fertilizers  
  • Oxidizer in chemical reactions  
  • Pickling stainless steel  
  • Clean metals for tinning  
  • Engraving  
  • Ore processing
  • Production of Sulfuric Acid  
  • Carbon Disulfide  
  • Sulfur Dioxide  
  • Phosphorous Pentasulfide  
  • Pulp and paper uses  
  • Rubber vulcanizing  
  • Coatings