Nutrient Management and Hybrid Planning
Key steps to cultivating a successful season.
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Crop Nutrients
High quality custom manufactured liquid starters compliment the vast array of crop nutrients in our product portfolio. Our agronomy locations offer high analysis suspension grade fertilizers, liquid UAN, custom blended dry fertilizers, and anhydrous ammonia. We carry a complete line of secondary and micronutrients to assist in meeting the nutrient needs of today’s high yielding crops.

Crop nutrient balance is critical for insuring healthy productive plants. It all starts with an accurate soil test and established yield goal. Our crop specialists will analyze your farming operation on a field by field basis and offer the best crop nutrient plan to maximize your profitability.
High Analysis Suspension Grades
Brandt Consolidated was one the early pioneers in the development of liquid fertilizers. Working with the Tennessee Valley Authority and other research partners, Brandt helped to develop processes for manufacturing high analysis suspension grade liquid fertilizer. These early formulated products have been refined to create high value products that offer unique flexibility and opportunity with crop nutrient application and placement.
Liquid UAN
Corn and Wheat production are greatly enhanced by the proper timing and application of nitrogen fertilizer. Liquid UAN (Urea ammonium nitrate) offers multiple forms of nitrogen and the flexibility to efficiently “spoon feed” the crop. From major UAN depots in strategically located terminals to the retail plants’ state of the art facilities, Brandt has an unmatched infrastructure to deliver UAN to our customers’ fields.
Liquid Starters
Brandt Consolidated has been manufacturing high quality liquid starter fertilizer for over 40 years. Our Curran facility utilizes a modern pipe reactor to produce base products of 10-34-0 and potassium polyphosphate. We custom blend these products with liquid melted urea or aqua ammonia to create liquid starters of multiple analyses that meet the nutrient and placement needs of today’s crops.
Custom Blended Dry Fertilizer
Brandt Consolidated has seven strategically located dry fertilizer blending plants. Each of these blending facilities is adjacent to a dry bulk fertilizer storage building that insures timely and adequate inventories.