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Confidence Block Analysis "Dry Weather Population Response"
The yield map of each field is compared to the soil type map, prescription map, and fertility map.
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Technical Agronomy

Brandt, one of the nation's leading agricultural companies, expanded its agronomic focus many years ago by forming a Technical Support Division. Its purpose is to develop sound agronomic protocols involving new technologies. The Technical Support Division is an innovation based group and change agent delivering research, new techniques and technology solutions. It gives growers one trusted source for agronomic expertise and technology.


Precision Ag has long been an industry buzzword, promising growers higher yield and increased ROI. Today, with BRANDT Total Acre℠ the promise is a reality.

BRANDT Total Acre℠ is a science-based approach to crop production that combines agronomic expertise and data management. By harnessing the latest technology, industry best practices and local knowledge, the BRANDT solution enables growers to increase productivity and achieve higher net return per acre.

BRANDT Total Acre℠ relies on an integrated approach throughout the growing season to deliver maximum results. There are four key modules in Total Acre℠ that feed off of one another, taking advantage of the ‘cause and effect’ of each step in managed crop production.

And while the modules can be seen as individual ‘services,’ they work best as part of the integrated Total Acre℠ system. Each of the modules provides the grower with critical information that makes up a whole solution. The modules are:

Seed Rx® – a proprietary technology that identifies the phenotypical seed characteristics that best match a field’s productivity. This allows a grower to choose from a list of different manufactured hybrids tailored to their fields. Once this process is complete, Seed Rx produces a variable rate plant population recommendation.

Nutrazone® – the cornerstone of Total Acre℠ that uses specific points of field data and algorithms to create ‘Mineralization Zones.’ Based on these zones, Nutrazone produces a custom roadmap for precise nutrient management.

Micro Rx™ – examines plant’s responsiveness to stimulants and mid-season stress.

R Stage™ – is a late season module that reduces plant stress from disease, nutrient imbalances and insect damage while improving harvestability.

Precision Ag is finally here. We call it BRANDT Total Acre℠. Our localized expertise combined with real science delivers the best agronomic solution for growers looking for higher yield and increased ROI.

Nutrazone and Seed Rx