BRANDT Aquatics

Our portfolio includes a number of water treatment solutions, including water colorants and clarifiers.

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Long an innovator in the enhancement of aquatic environments, Brandt offers a unique range of specialty products designed to enhance both the beauty and the health of the lakes and ponds treated.

A key technology offered includes the Super Strength aquatic colorant line led by Blue Lagoon® S.S. The first to adapt industrial technology to utilize extra strength colorants for aquatic maintenance, Brandt’s aquatic colorant products provide the maximum color load available making the job of coloring the waterscape an easier and more cost effective task.
A growing focus for Brandt in the Aquatics segment is its range of biological, or bio-technical controls. Products in this range include Aqua-Bio-Trol® for general “soupy conditions” to Oxology® and Aquaculture Therapy® designed to cure sick aquatic systems for both aesthetic use and fish farming.