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Specialty Formulations
Formed over 40 years ago, the Specialty Formulations division emerged even then as a pioneer in specialty fertilizers. Since that time, product offerings have diversified broadly, as has its market reach. Today, Specialty Formulations is a successful manufacturing, distributing and marketing enterprise serving four distinct market segments: agriculture, turf, ornamental and aquatics.

A Brief History
The BRANDT Specialty Formulations group was established in 1967 by BRANDT co-founder, Glen Brandt, and began operating as the ClawEl Micronutrient division. Glen was an early pioneer in micronutrient and fluid fertilizer development and it didn’t take long for him to become an industry leader. In 1971, Glen was elected President of the National Fertilizer Solutions Association, which introduced ClawEl Micronutrients to many new customers outside of Central Illinois.

In 1975, ClawEl built its first manufacturing plant next to BRANDT’s fertilizer plant in Pleasant Plains, IL and was shipping micronutrients to customers throughout the United States.

In 2001, under the leadership of CEO Rick Brandt, the company purchased Agra Chem (Avon Park, Florida) and acquired Parkway Research (Houston, Texas) the following year. This added a manufacturing facility in Florida, additional staff and warehousing in Texas, new products for the T&O market and several new international customers and allowed BRANDT to meet the growing needs of customers in vast markets faster and more efficiently.

In 2005, BRANDT expanded ClawEl’s production facilities in Pleasant Plains, IL and in 2007, the ClawEl Micronutrient name was changed to BRANDT Specialty Formulations. In 2010, BRANDT purchased 70% of Monterey AgResources (Fresno, CA) and in January 2013, BRANDT purchased the remaining 30%.BRANDT for growth in the West coast agriculture, ornamental, and lawn and garden markets; and has significantly expanded the company’s production capacity and specialty product offerings.

BRANDT Specialty Formulations Today
Today, BRANDT Specialty Formulations has 170 employees, 300,000 square feet of manufacturing facilities, 11 warehouses and over 1600 customers throughout the United States and in 40 countries.

BRANDT’s Discovery and Innovation team is leading the charge in plant health innovation and research, and product development. The team has two full-time laboratories, a research farm and oversees numerous University and Independent trials each year. The group's mission is to develop new chemistries and technologies that help plants achieve their full genetic potential and to be at the forefront of research on the role of micronutrients in plant physiology and crop production.

BRANDT Specialty Formulations is one of the leading micronutrient providers in the world, and with the addition of Monterey AgResources’ product line, is now a leading mnanufacturer and supplier of in sustainable crop input solutions and adjuvant chemistries. BRANDT products are used on over 200 different crops, on golf courses, in ornamental and specialty green houses, and on residential lawn and gardens around the world.