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March 20, 2020

BRANDT® EnzUp® Zn on Corn: 2019 Trials

Early plant vigor measurements were taken over various soil types and conditions.  Trials compared starter fertilizer (grower standard) vs. starter fertilizer with 1 qt/acre BRANDT EnzUp Zn included.  


BRANDT EnzUp Zn treatments showed increased plant vigor.


  • Root Mass (4.3% Increase)
  • Stalk Diameter (4.2% Increase)
  • Height (5.1% Increase)


Data is significant at a 95% confidence level. 

Measurements were taken between V3 to V6.

Info to Grow Podcast

Hear from our Director of Discovery & Innovation, Brian Haschemeyer, talk about the science on how these enzymes work and how the world’s top corn and soybean producers are using them to push yield.


The early plant vigor is primary driven by the two enzymes in BRANDT EnzUp Zn. The addition of zinc is also beneficial.


Mannanase: 2.0 x 103uUnits/ml
Converts hemicellulose in the soil into smaller, absorbable sugars that are used by the plantas well as plant growth promoting microbes.


Lipase 1.0 x 106uUnits/ml
Breaks down lipids from organic residue and lipid based root exudates. As much as 20% of organic matter consists of lipids


Zinc (Zn) 4%
Zinc is a co-factor which upregulates the activity of many enzymes. Zn is also important for auxin production and growth in corn.