Our Insights | Plant Nutrition
May 05, 2015

Starter Fertilizer with BRANDT Sequestar® 9% Zn vs. No Starter

 A distinct visual difference was noticed in our Starter Fertilizer Trial. In past years, we have observed a yield increase with the use Starter Fertilizers w/  BRANDT EDTA Zinc (Zn) compared to areas of no Starter. Benefits from early N and P, especially in conservation tillage programs, play a key role in early root and plant development. The P-Zn interaction is well documented to increase plant health, especially in early development stages in corn. Even when soil tests may not indicate Zn deficiency, supplemental Zn at plant is essential as large amounts of plant available P can slow Zn uptake and lead to plant deficiency. 

Compare BRANDT Sequestar 9% Zn to a no-starter treatment