Breaking the World Record Soybean Yield

March 11, 2024

Info to Grow
Plant Nutrition

In case you missed Season 2, Episode 6 of RFD-TV's Total Acre Farming episode, we've broken down the episode into a three-part video series highlighting our flagship foliar nutrient line, BRANDT Smart System, and how it contributed to Alex Harrell's record-breaking soybean yield.


In Part 1, hear why Alex chose to partner with BRANDT.




Part 2 of RFD-TV Total Acre Farming episode highlights timing of foliar nutrition applications during critical growth stages. Hear how it can significantly boost plant health and yield from Alex Harrell and BRANDT Agronomist and Research Farm Manager, Eric Winans.




In the final part of RFD-TV's Total Acre Farming episode, Vice President of BRANDT Discovery & Innovation, Brian Haschemeyer, talks about the technology of the BRANDT Smart System products that Alex Harrell used and how they differentiate from other products in the market.



Stream the full episode here: