BRANDT For Retailers

Why work with BRANDT?

BRANDT manufactures a wide range of plant nutrition, plant protection and adjuvant solutions that give growers more tools to help crops realize their genetic potential. These products are available at leading ag retailers and distributors throughout the U.S. and in 42 countries. BRANDT's portfolio includes:


  • High efficiency foliar nutrients
  • Advanced compatibility foliar nutrients
  • Nutrient efficiency enhancers
  • Dry and liquid chelated nutrients
  • 50+ OMRI Listed products for organic production
  • Adjuvants and utility products
  • Irrigation and pond chemicals
  • Spray markers and utility products

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Not all products are registered for sales in all countries and/or U.S. states. Please contact BRANDT concerning the registration status of the products in your area.


International Dealers and Distributors

BRANDT products are sold in more than 40 countries around the world. From Argentina to Sweden to New Zealand, BRANDT works with the world's leading ag and turf distributors to represent our products and provide local-market sales support.

All BRANDT products are formulated to exacting American standards and quality. Today, products for international distribution are manufactured in the USA, Brazil, and Spain to manage delivery windows and logistical costs.

To see what BRANDT products are available in your local market, go to the appropriate country page in the For Farmers section. Our local distributors are all listed at the bottom of each country page.

To see what BRANDT products are available in Canada, go to the appropriate country page HERE>. Our local distributors are all listed at the bottom of the page.

BRANDT's international business is led by Dr. Ramon Georgis, International Business Director. If you are interested in representing BRANDT in your local market, please contact Dr. Georgis

Dr. Ramon Georgis
+1 217 547 5800
Vice President, BRANDT

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