BRANDT products available in Canada

BRANDT products available in Canada

BRANDT manufactures a wide range of nutrition, colorants, adjuvants and utility products that help keep fish farms and water features healthy and disease free. These include:

  • Chelated nutrients
  • Adjuvants
  • Tank cleaners
  • Spray pattern Indicators
  • Lake and pond dyes

BRANDT products are available through the list of licensed distributors listed below. For more information, please contact the BRANDT expert or distributor near you. 

Not all products are registered for sales in all countries. Please contact BRANDT concerning the registration status of the products in your area.

Our Experts

Dr. Ramon Georgis

+1 217 547 5800
Business Director

Kym Wood

321 228 4480
Turf and Ornamental
Business Development

Key Products

BRANDT® Sequestar® 4.5% Fe HEDTA (Turf)

Liquid HEDTA chelated iron

BRANDT® Sequestar® RMX-8 (Turf)

Water soluble EDTA chelated Cu, Fe, Mn, Zn


Spray pattern indicator in water soluble bags

BRANDT® Green Toes SS

Green spray pattern indicator


Ammonium sulfate water conditioner

Manni-Plex® Ultra Turf (Can)

Manni-Plex® Total Turf (Can)

Manni-Plex® Grow (Can)

Manni-Plex® Eagle (Can)

BRANDT® Supreme Green (Can)

BRANDT® Indicate 5 (Can)

BRANDT® Flash Dance (Can)

BRANDT® Converge SRN 30-0-0 (Can)

BRANDT® Converge SRN 18-3-6 (Can)

BRANDT® Converge SRN 18-0-6 (Can)

BRANDT® 20-K (Can)

Our Distributor in Canada

Looking for BRANDT products in Canada? Contact the following distributors for all available products and formulations in your area.

SiteOne Landscape Supply
Click the link to
find a location near you
Axter Agroscience Inc
895 Chemin Benoit
+450 464 5755
Fish Farm Supply Co
116 Bonnie Crescent
+519 669 1096
Ontario Seed Company
Box 7
Ontario, Canada
PowerRich Corporation
3 Winfield Way
+204 786 5736
Smokey Trout Farm
RR 1, Site 3, Box 26
+403 342 5206
United Agri Company
789 Donnybrook Drive
Zwart's TopSoil and Landscape Sup
496907 Grey Road #2
+1519 599 1027