BRANDT products available in Canada

BRANDT products available in Canada

BRANDT manufactures a wide range of nutrition, colorants, adjuvants and utility products for the turf and ornamental market. These include: 

  • Foliar nutrients
  • Specialty liquid nutrients
  • Slow release nitrogen fertilizers
  • Humic/Seaweed specialty nutrients
  • Utility modifier adjuvants
  • Spray pattern indicators
  • Lake and pond dyes

BRANDT products are available through the list of licensed distributors listed below. For more information, please contact the BRANDT expert or distributor near you. 


Our Experts

Glen Kitson

217 493 6085
Regional Manager
E. Canada

Dan Pinther

208 734 6565
Regional Manager
W. Canada

Paul Belzer

701 303 0308
Territory Manager
Manitoba, Saskatchewan

Nathan Britt

509 494 9778
Territory Manager
Alberta, British Columbia

Doug Pottinger

612 669 2423
Business Manager
Discovery & Innovation

John Guglielmi

407 448 1393
National Sales Director

Key Products

BRANDT™ Smart Trio (Can)

BRANDT™ Smart K B (Can)

BRANDT Smart Quatro™ Plus (Can)

BRANDT™ Smart Sulfur Plus (Can)

BRANDT™ Smart Mn Plus (Can)

Foli-Cal™ (Can)

Manni-Plex™ Mg (Can)

Manni-Plex™ Mn (Can)

Manni-Plex™ Zn (Can)

BRANDT™ Smart Mn (CAN)

BRANDT™ Smart Mg (CAN)

BRANDT™ Organics 6% Ca (CAN)

BRANDT™ Organics 4% Mg (CAN)


Our Distributor in Canada

Looking for BRANDT products in Canada? Contact the following distributors for all available products and formulations in your area.

Nexus Bio Ag
99 Lowson Crescent
Winnipeg, MB R3P 0T3