Celebrating 70 Years

Founded in 1953, BRANDT celebrates its Platinum Anniversary in 2023.


Join us as we celebrate 70 years in business, growing from our humble roots in the Midwest to a global leader in production agriculture.


The BRANDT story is the American dream. Founded by Glen and Evelyn Brandt, BRANDT was started with a borrowed tractor in the small town of Pleasant Plains, Illinois. But while the company has grown and evolved, the company’s vision has never wavered: Help the farmer succeed. And that’s the vision that drives us today.


BRANDT has always been a family business in organization and ownership structure. But more importantly, it is a family business in the values we hold and the passions we follow. Today, more than 800 global families are part of Team BRANDT around the world.


We invite you to be a part of our story. View the publication to see how BRANDT has been helping growers to succeed for 70 years.