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Our supply versatility and strong customer service emphasis will allow us to be competitive on a price basis, but we feel we are far ahead of the competition on service. We have access to most major supply points and will always look to the most economical point for our customer’s supply. We are supported by many of the major suppliers in the industry.


We are one of the few companies in the U.S. who can provide you with a high level of service designed specifically for your distribution or generating facility, regardless of the feedstock you use. We offer the following services:


  • NOx system services
  • Employee training handling anhydrous ammonia
  • Employee training handling aqua ammonia
  • RMP filing, annual meeting scheduling and presentation assistance
  • Anhydrous ammonia refrigeration and storage evacuation, recharging and maintenance
  • Lease/purchase programs for storage containers
  • Custom maintenance programs



Ammonia Services

We have competitive sources near your generating facilities. We can deliver product, either by truck or rail, depending upon your needs. BRANDT’s Managed Supply Program is the most comprehensive program of its kind offered to the utility industry.


  • Feedstock
  • Startup and Supply Coordination
  • Services and Safety


Aqua Ammonia Services 


We can provide any strength aqua ammonia, using treated or untreated water, depending upon your system’s requirements. In addition to our in-house production capabilities, we are willing to build production near your plant to avoid the freight issue that normally accompanies aqua.


Urea Services 


BRANDT has multiple sources of product and will assist you in overcoming the logistical problems associated with urea for NOx systems. Our knowledge of domestic production plants as well as offshore product simplifies your search. BRANDT’s relationship with various urea importers will provide you the largest selection of product for your urea NOx system.