Foliar Phosphite to Manage Plant Stress and Reduce Disease Severity

April 01, 2020

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Uses for Fall and New Products for 2020


Offering a diverse product portfolio of phosphite (H2PO3) products and technologies, BRANDT T&O remains the leader in the development, research and use of foliar applied phosphites for the turfgrass industry. Beginning as early as 2004, the GRIGG Proven Foliar® fertilizer PK Plus has been extensively studied and field battle tested for its effectiveness to mitigate anthracnose (Colletotrichum cereale) and microdochium patch (M. nivale) diseases as part of an effective nutritional integrated pest management (NIPM) program. Information about NIPM programs can be found here.


Recall, BRANDT scientists conducted some of the earliest work to identify the key uses for phosphites fertilizers and documented that phosphite offered tremendous plant health benefits for fine turfgrasses but, importantly, offered very little nutritional value. GRIGG PK Plus®, which contains both phosphite (15%) and phosphate (5%) for optimum performance, is efficient, safe, and efficacious. Don’t be confused by competitive “me too” phosphite research, often a carbon copy of our, most innovative, work. BRANDT has been the true leader for developing the most technologically advanced product formulations. In fact, BRANDT’s Discovery and Innovation group continues its pursuit of understanding and developing the most trusted foliar fertilizers and programs, thus setting the standard for the turfgrass industry.


Uses for Fall
While phosphites are traditionally used late spring and throughout the summer months for cool-season turfgrasses, it’s important to consider fall applications to improve turfgrass quality and performance, reduce stress and manage certain pathogens. Phosphite applications in the fall to cool-season or warm-season turfgrasses will reduce stress by upregulating antioxidant and phytoalexin production. This will improve the performance of warm-season grasses approaching winter when cold stress can become a problem in the transition zone and into the southeast.


In the northern tier, phosphite applications in the fall should be used as part of an integrated pest management program to reduce the incidence and severity of microdochium patch, particularly during cool, damp, foggy weather. Now BRANDT T&O continues its leadership tradition by offering 3 additional phosphite formulations to meet all turf managers’ demands.


New Products
BRANDT Mega-Phi™ – (2-0-16) Formulated with BRANDT® iHammer technology, this innovative phosphite fertilizer is also fortified with seaplant extract for additional stress reduction, particularly heat stress and its deleterious effects on the roots of cool-season turfgrasses. It’s economically priced and manufactured to strict quality control standards with the industry’s finest technical grade materials.


BRANDT Turfzilla™ – Product that offers an EPA registered phosphite ideal for disease control including pythium blight, yellow tuft, and downy mildew. It’s a flexible and cost-effective option for disease control and improving plant defense and vigor.


BRANDT Liqui-Phi™ – (0-0-25) Phosphite fertilizer designed for large acreage applications to provide safety and tank mixability while offering all of the benefits of phosphite including the upregulation of plant defense, including antioxidant and phytoalexin production.