Patented Enzyme Technology

BRANDT ENZUP is a revolutionary new enzyme-based specialty product line. Developed from years of scientific research and discovery, BRANDT EnzUp formulations contain specific enzymes that perform distinct functions in the soil profile and root zone. The enzymes are treated with a patented protection process that extends the length of time they remain active in the soil for improved results.

  • Delivers high concentration of enzymes to the soil
  • Formulations contain nutrient co-factors that activate enzyme activity and provide supplemental nutrition
  • May be used in all soil types
  • Naturally derived

Enzymes are proteins made by plants, microbes or other organisms in the soil that perform chemical reactions. They act as catalysts to breakdown organic matter residue in the soil into smaller, more digestible functional units. Enzymes also play a role in many biochemical processes that occur in the soil including nitrogen fixation and conversion, carbon cycling, pesticide degradation, and helping to release sugars from polysaccharide chains.

These products may only be sold in states where registered or where registration is not required. For further information, please contact your BRANDT representative.

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