Patented Enzyme Technology

BRANDT EnzUp is a groundbreaking new enzyme technology that enhances water and nutrient availability, uptake and use. It improves soil and plant health, increases root mass and improves drought and stress tolerance.

Revolutionary Enzyme Protection Process Keeps Enzymes Active in Soil Longer and Improves Efficacy
BRANDT ENZUP enzymes undergo a patented protection process that prevents the enzymes
from degrading in the soil too quickly after application. This allows them to remain active longer
and substantially increases enzyme efficacy. This is an entirely new technology and scientific
breakthrough for agriculture.

The Importance Of Enzymes and How They Function In Crops

  • Enzymes are non-living proteins made by plants, microbes or other organisms in the soil proteins.
  • Enzymes act as catalysts that perform very specific functions and create chemical reactions in the soil. Typically, enzymes either cleave something apart or pull something together.

Enzymes impact:

  • Organic matter breakdown
  • Nitrogen fixation and conversion
  • Nutrient availability and uptake
  • Pesticide degradation


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