BRANDT® Organiplex™

Sustainable Foliar Nutrients – OMRI

NEW proprietary foliar nutrient line. Each formulation contains a high concentration of amino acids complexed with select nutrients to meet specific crop needs. BRANDT Organiplex delivers nutrients efficiently and is an excellent tool for managing and correcting deficiencies in conventional and organic operations.

  • Excellent foliar mobility
  • High concentration of amino acids
  • Clean product with long term stability

Amino Acids: The Building Blocks of Plant Proteins
Amino acids are naturally occurring organic compounds that
are essential to crop quality and yield. Plants use amino acids
to make proteins - the main component of living cells. It is
important for plants to have adequate levels of amino acids
to carry out their physiological functions and create sufficient
protein. When plant protein levels are too low, plants are more
susceptible to disease.


Applying foliar amino acids provides plants with the building
blocks it needs for protein synthesis. It helps boost plant growth,
particularly in environmentally stressful conditions such as
salinity or water stress. Applying supplemental amino acids may
also increase chlorophyll synthesis and content.

Available in the following formulations:

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BRANDT® Organiplex 3% Mg
BRANDT® Organiplex 3% Mg (Turf)
BRANDT® Organiplex 4% Mn
BRANDT® Organiplex 4% Mn (Turf)
BRANDT® Organiplex 6% Zn
BRANDT® Organiplex 6% Zn (Turf)
BRANDT® Organiplex 8% Ca
BRANDT® Organiplex 8% Ca (Turf)
BRANDT® Organiplex Micro Mix
BRANDT® Organiplex Micro Mix (Turf)