BRANDT Reaction®

Improve P,K and S Uptake and Efficiency

BRANDT REACTION® are enhanced efficiency fertilizers that deliver soil-applied nutrients and delay the reaction P and K in alkaline and acidic soils so that they are available to the crop for a longer period of time (up to 26 weeks in certain soil types).


BRANDT REACTION nutrients are compatible with other acid based fertilizers and plant nutrients, which allows greater application flexibility. 


Key Benefits

  • More efficient than conventional fertilizers
  • P, K and S formulations are compatible with calcium, zinc and copper nitrates
  • Overcomes most hostile soil and water conditions
  • Low salt index provides excellent plant safety
  • Easy-to-handle, water-soluble formulation goes well into solution with minimal tank residue
  • Ideal for planter band applications and through irrigation 

BRANDT Reaction Compatibility Demonstration

Left: BRANDT REACTION mixed with calcium nitrate, zinc nitrate and copper nitrate. Right: mono ammonium phosphate solution is mixed with the same nitrate forms of micronutrients. 

Available in the following formulations:

SDS Spanish
International Brochure
BRANDT Reaction® 10-3-6 LS
BRANDT Reaction® 2-5-5 LS
BRANDT Reaction® 2-6-6 LS
BRANDT Reaction® 2-9-6 LS
BRANDT Reaction® 5-6-0 LS
BRANDT Reaction® K DS
BRANDT Reaction® K LS
BRANDT Reaction® K Mg LS
BRANDT Reaction® P DS
BRANDT Reaction® P LS
BRANDT Reaction® S DS
BRANDT Reaction® S LS