BRANDT® Uptake®

Concentrated Liquid Humic Acid Extracts

BRANDT UPTAKE ADVANCED is a very pure, non-alkaline extracted humic acid. The patent pending formulation has a very low pH formulation , which allows for increased compatibility and solubility with fertilizer and pesticide tank mix combinations.


BRANDT Uptake Advanced Advantages


  • Clean, high quality, low pH liquid humic
  • Enhances crop quality and yield potential
  • Improves soil conditions and enhances nutrient uptake
  • Compatible with most crop protectants, phosphoric, nitric and sulfuric acid fertilizers; and phosphite based products
  • May be used throughout the growing season, from planting through harvest
  • May be used as a foliar or soil application

Application Rate and Timing

For foliar applications, apply 1-4 quarts per 10-100 gallons of water per acre throughout the growing season. For fertigation, apply through irrigation systems at a 1-2 gallon per acre rate. Do not mix with 10-34-0 or 11-37-0 or thio sulfate based products. Always read and follow full label instructions before use.

Available in the following formulations:

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BRANDT® Uptake® 12
BRANDT® Uptake® Advanced
BRANDT® Uptake® Starter

Available in the following formulations: