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KALIGREEN is a curative, contact fungicide that goes to work on powdery mildew immediately and helps stop disease before it spreads. The active ingredient is a microencapsulated potassium bicarbonate that works by disrupting the potassium ion balance in fungi cells upon contact, which causes fungi cell walls to collapse.


Application Rates and Use
KALIGREEN should be applied at the first sign of disease and may be applied up to the day before harvest (PHI) for all labeled crops except roses, turf, ornamentals and tobacco. It may also be added to an IPM rotation program at 7-10 day intervals with other fungicides, such as TRITEK®, for resistance management.


The use of KALIGREEN combined with a non-acidifying surfactant, such as BRANDT® 719 SPREADER; or an oil-based pesticide, such as TRITEK; will aid in ensuring thorough coverage and optimum contact with the disease organism.


Keep the spray solution above pH 7 (optimal range is 7.5 - 8.5). If the spray solution is below pH 7 it will degrade the bicarbonate. Buffering is not recommended as bicarbonates will break down to CO2 and water in acid solutions

The Key Benefits of KALIGREEN

  • Encapsulated active reduces surface tension and increases contact with pathogen
  • Considered the industry standard for powdery mildew knockdown in conventional and organic production
  • OMRI Listed
  • Soluble powder may be used alone or tank mixed with most pesticides and fertilizers
  • Labeled for use on over 40 crops

Available in the following formulations:

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Available in the following formulations: