N-Boost® 5

Increase Nitrogen Efficiency

Increase crop nutrient uptake and reduce environmental impact with N-BOOST 5, a new enhanced efficiency foliar nitrogen supplement

N-BOOST 5 is formulated with 5% nitrogen and a patented fermentation extract that is derived from sugarcane. The extract helps boost nutrient uptake and utilization, which in turn, improves plant health, quality and yield. 

N-BOOST also help helps reduce nutrient run-off and nutrient leaching into local watersheds, by improving crop nutrient uptake and utilization.

Key Benefits of N-BOOST

  • Increased nutrient uptake and utilization
  • Compatible with most pesticides and herbicides
  • Increased plant growth and vigor
  • Improved size uniformity
  • Enhanced quality and yield
  • Reduced nutrient leaching and run off 

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Nutrient Management

Available in the following formulations:

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N-Boost® 5

Available in the following formulations: