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Nordox 75 WG
NORDOX 75 WG copper fungicide/bactericide provides more copper protection, with less product, at a great price!

It is the only wettable granule fungicide/bactericide that contains 75% metallic copper – the highest percent of bio-active copper available today. 

Superior Quality

  • Manufactured from the highest grade copper source available
  • Smallest copper particle size on the market for better efficacy
  • Stays suspended in spray tank

Reliable, Long Lasting Disease Control

  • Highly effective on a wide range of crops
  • Superior retention and rain fastness
  • Even release of copper ions, for strong start and extended control

Economical: Delivers More Copper per Pound

  • Provides more bio-active copper per/lb
  • Lightweight concentrated granule reduces freight costs

Fewer Applicator Safety Issues

  • Less personal protection equipment needed
  • Caution signal word
  • Shorter worker REI period – just 12 hours

Environmentally Friendly

  • Easy to mix, dust-free formulation
  • Requires less formulated product per acre
  • Washes off easily in post-harvest processing


Nordox 30/30 WG
NORDOX 30/30 WG is a 30% metallic Copper (Cu), 30% Zinc (Zn) contact fungicide/bactericide and is the highest Cu/Zn analysis available. It is an excellent tool for managing canker, melanose and scab on citrus with less applied metallic copper

Available in the following formulations:

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Nordox® 30/30 WG
Nordox® 75 WG