BRANDT® Manni-Plex®

High Performance Foliar Micronutrients

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How is Manni-Plex Different?

Not all liquid products are suitable for foliar application and being a liquid product does not necessarily ensure entry into the plant. MANNI-PLEX products were designed specifically for foliar uptake. They target the leaf as the nutrient entry point and target the phloem as the nutrient transport pathway.


The small molecular size and shape of MANNI-PLEX ensures that plant uptake and translocation is maximized. In contrast, many other liquid fertilizers have a large molecular size and weight which makes foliar nutrient delivery very difficult. These type of liquid fertilizers are better suited for soil nutrient uptake through the plant xylem.


Delivering the Right Nutrients, The Right Way

Unlike other nutrient forms, the nutrient elements in MANNI-PLEX formulations are complexed with sugar alcohol. The proprietary complex has a very small molecular size and shape, which allows MANNI-PLEX to enter the plant through small stomata and transcuticular pores on the leaf surface and helps get more nutrients into the plant.


Once MANNI-PLEX nutrients are inside the plant, they move quickly and freely through the phloem to plant growth areas. This allows the plant to fully utilize the applied nutrients, which results in improved plant health and crop production quality.


The correlation of sugar alcohol complexes and nutrient mobility within plants has been validated in University studies. Research showed that plants that were rich in sugar alcohol complexes, such as mannitol, had better distribution of nutrients such as boron from leaves through the phloem and a higher accumulation in fruit tissues. UC Davis.

Key Benefits

The proprietary technology used in MANNI-PLEX is designed to enhance the absorption of nutrients through the leaf and enhance nutrient mobility and translocation through the plant phloem to plant growing points.

  • Supplies readily available nutrients to the plant that are immediately available for uptake
  • More efficient than other nutrient forms
  • Low molecular weight and shape allows more nutrients to penetrate plant leaves and translocate to growing points
  • Nutrients move freely and easily through the plant’s phloem
  • Proprietary formulation coats leaves and adheres to the leaf surface, making it available to the plant longer
  • Ready-to-use liquid formulation can be tank mixed with most fungicides, insecticides and PGR’s

5.0% N, 10.0% Ca

Manni-Plex B Moly
5.0% N, 3.3% B, 0.5% Mo

Manni-Plex Cal-B
7.0% Ca, 1.0% B

Manni-Plex Cal-Mag
7.0% N, 5.3% Ca, 2.6% Mg

Manni-Plex Fe
5.0% N, 5.0% Fe

Manni-Plex for Beans
2.0% N, 0.2% B, 0.3% Fe, 3.2% Mn, 0.01% Mo, 2.1% Zn

Manni-Plex for Citrus
5.0% N, 0.25% B, 1.0% Fe, 2.5% Mn, 2.0% Zn

Manni-Plex for Corn
3.0% N, 0.5% Mg, 0.2% B, 0.5% Cu, 0.9% Mn, 4.7% Zn

Manni-Plex for Papaya
5.0% N, 1.0% Cu, 0.5% Fe, 2.0% Mn, 3.0% Zn

Manni-Plex for Pecans
5.0% N, 1.0% Cu, 0.5% Fe, 2.0% Mn, 3.0% Zn

Manni-Plex for Small Grains
2.0% N, 0.5% B, 2.0% Cu, 1.5% Mn, 1.5% Zn

Manni-Plex for Tree Nuts
5.0% N, 2.0% Mg, 0.2% B, 2.0% Cu, 3.0% Zn

Manni-Plex for Vegetables
5.0% N, 1.8% Mg, 0.4% B, 1.25% Fe, 0.9% Mn, 0.9% Zn

Manni-Plex K
20.0% K2O

Manni-Plex Mg
5.0% N, 4.0% Mg

Manni-Plex Mn
7.0% N, 5.0% Mn

Manni-Plex Mo
8.0% Mo

Manni-Plex Ni
7.0% N, 5.0% Ni

Manni-Plex Zn
3.0% N, 7.0% Zn

Manni-Plex Cal Zn
6.0% N, 6.0% Ca, 3.0% Zn

Manni-Plex Si
1% Fe

5.0% N, 3.3% Ca

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