Advanced Plant Health Solutions, Biopesticides, Adjuvants

BRANDT Products and Crops in Mexico

BRANDT manufactures a wide range of plant nutrition, plant protection and adjuvants that help crops realize their full genetic potential, and keep them healthy and disease free. These include:

  • High performance foliar nutrients
  • Nutrient efficiency enhancers
  • Dry and liquid chelated nutrients
  • Dry and liquid lignosulfates
  • 50+ OMRI Listed products for organic production
  • Adjuvants and utility products
  • Drip irrigation chemicals

BRANDT products are available through the list of licensed distributors listed below. For more information, please contact the BRANDT expert or distributor near you. 

Not all products are registered for sales in all countries. Please contact BRANDT concerning the registration status of the products in your area.

Our Experts

Juan Sigarán

+506 8364 9554
Technical Sales Mgr.
Central America

Dr. Ramon Georgis

+1 217 547 5800
Vice President, BRANDT
International, LLC

Key Products

Indicate 5 (Mex, Imex)

Saf-T-Side™ (Mex, Imex)

Manni-Plex® B Moly (Mex, Imex)

Manni-Plex® Foli-Cal® (Mex, Imex)

Manni-Plex® Cal Zn (Mex, Imex)

Manni-Plex® Vegetable (Mex, Imex)

Manni-Plex® N-Boron® (Mex, Imex)

Manni-Plex® Zinc (Mex, Imex)

Neotec SO (Mex, Imex)

Plant Start (Mex, Imex)

Foli-Cal® (Mex)

N-Boron® (Mex)

Manni-Plex® K (Mex)

Manni-Plex® Mn (Mex)

BRANDT® Smart Trio® (Mex)

BRANDT® Indicate 5® (Mex)

Our Distributor in Mexico

Looking for BRANDT products in Mexico? Contact the following distributors for all available products and formulations in your area.

Distribuciones Imex, SA DE CV
Josefa Ortiz De Dominguez #24
Col. Agua Blanca Industrial C.P. 45235
Zapopan, Jalisco, México
+33 3283 4639
Dune Company Mexicali, S. De R.I. d
Calzada Cetys #2799
Edificio B L-1
+658 516 9246