N-Boost® Applied to Wheat

May 27, 2020

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Plant Nutrition

With spring rapidly approaching, it is time to top dress wheat fields with nitrogen (N). Adding N-Boost at this time, or with herbicides, or with fungicides in the boot stage can increase wheat yields.


Research in 2019 conducted by Colorado State University and other private contract researchers showed an increase in wheat yields by adding N-Boost to the tank mixes. N-Boost applications were made to spring and winter wheat at the tiller (Feekes 4-6) and flag leaf (Feekes 9-10) stages of growth. All of the N-Boost treatments increased the yield. The biggest yield increase was a 19 bu/A. The average yield increase was 7.4 bu/acre or 11.3% increase.  


How N-Boost Works
N-Boost is a biostimulant made from fermented sugar cane. N-Boost is a Nitrogen Utilization Enhancer, which allows for greater nitrogen utilization and efficiencies, especially with foliar-applied UAN (32% N). N-Boost up-regulates photosynthetic activity and the enzymes in involved in nitrogen assimilation. These results are increased yield in wheat and other crops. In soybean trials, we see greater than a 2.9bu/acre increase in yield 70% of the time.

Tillering wheat (Feekes 5) Top-dress timing in spring

Credit: ISU Ag Center