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BRANDT Adopts Safety Measures for Covid-19

Updated: March 16, 2020

As the Covid-19 coronavirus crisis deepens around the globe, BRANDT is working hard to keep our customers, partners and the extended BRANDT family safe while continuing to serve our customers. Recognizing this is a fluid situation, we’d like to update you on where we are as of today.

We are following recommendations and best practices from the Center for Disease Control while collaborating with local government agencies. We are relying especially on the CDC’s web page at www.cdc.gov/coronavirus.

  • We have established a Coronavirus Response team made up of our CEO, our VP of EH&S, our Executive team, HR and Legal. This Team is the point of contact for all internal questions (Rick Cathcart, rick.cathcart@brandt.co/972-693-8617) or external inquiries (Karl Barnhart, karl.barnhart@brandt.co/917-826-3145).
  • We have directed all employees to go home/remain home and seek medical treatment if they show any symptoms. Immediately!
  • We have restricted all non-essential business travel, focusing especially on any public transportation (planes, trains, subways, buses, etc.). If there is any risk of contact, we are directing employees to self-quarantine.
  • We are restricting access to all offices and plants to employees, known vendors and previously approved guests. Please call the facility if you need admittance.
  • We are limiting participation in large internal and external meetings. No BRANDT team member should be part of a group larger than 25 people.
  • We are enhancing the use of social distancing. Our goal is to keep a distance of 6’: We are developing practices and guidelines to do this as quickly as possible.
  • We are incorporating and encouraging “work from home” programs as feasible.
  • We are instilling enhanced cleaning practices at all facilities as possible.
  • We are working on business continuity and contingency plans as we are able amidst this fluid situation.

We thank you for your help in this difficult time as we work to keep the extended BRANDT family safe and our customers satisfied. These policies and guidelines are all designed around best practices to restrict the amount of exposure to outside influences while we try to control the cleanliness and social distancing inside.  That said, it is critical that you practice safe practices at work AND away from work.

We appreciate your help working through this awful situation but know through our combined efforts we can reduce everyone’s risk.


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