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BRANDT Buys Swine at Kings Fair In Support of Emma Becerra

Fresno, CA. (June 21, 2022) – After a successful show season and spirited bidding in the Junior Livestock Auction, BRANDT won the bid for the Kings Fair swine raised by Emma Becerra of the Kings River 4-H Club.  

The crossbreed hog, named Miles, placed 2nd in the heavy weight class. He was the fourth animal to be raised by 12-year-old-Emma. Emma fed him daily, cleaned his pen, bathed him and trained him for the fair. She said that taking care of Miles taught her commitment, responsibility, teamwork and leadership skills.

Weighing in at 274 lbs, the pig brought $16/pound and will be donated to the local Pork BBQ. 

“We are thrilled to support Emma and the Kings River 4-H Club,” said Bill Engel, EVP of BRANDT Specialty Formulations. “Anything to help kids get excited and involved in agriculture is a positive thing in my book.”

In addition to 4-H, Emma is active in Girl Scouts where she is a top cookie seller. She is the daughter of BRANDT Visalia Plant Manager Felipe Becerra. She plans on advancing her hard-earned skills to be a teacher or a veterinarian.


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