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BRANDT Opens New Production Facility in California’s San Joaquin Valley

SPRINGFIELD, Illinois (July 16, 2018) – BRANDT has opened a 42,000 square foot production facility for specialty formulations products in Visalia, CA. The new location will expand production capabilities, serve as another hub for formulation development and testing, and house BRANDT Hydrology water quality analysis.

The Visalia plant is BRANDT’s second manufacturing location in CA. The company also operates a 250,000 square foot facility in Fresno, CA. The Visalia location boasts many new manufacturing technologies, such as bar code inventory tracking with real time reporting, bulk storage with direct truck load-outs and scale capabilities. The new systems and processes will allow for faster production and customer order filling. The facility also has a 75kw solar panel system that will supply more energy than the facility will use.

“Innovation is at the heart of everything we do,” said Bill Engel, BRANDT Executive Vice President. “We continue to make significant investments in liquid nutrient production facilities that will allow us to provide customers with the very best products and overall experience.”

Some of the laboratory features in Visalia include an ICP-OES machine and Nitrogen Analyzer, which allow BRANDT to do full fertilizer analysis and heavy metal screening. It also includes a high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) machine, which analyzes the presence and concentration of plant growth regulators and bio-stimulants as well as sugar derivatives, organic acids and chelates. An incubator is also on hand for microbiology screening.

The Visalia manufacturing facility is one of seven that the company operates, including Pleasant Plains, IL, Avon Park, FL, Fresno, CA, Logan, UT, Carmona, Spain and Londrina, Brazil.

BRANDT products are available through approved distributors throughout the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia. To learn more about BRANDT products or locate a U.S. distributor, download the BRANDT Product Finder App on the Apple Store or on Google Play.


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