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Grigg Brothers® Introduces Rhizo Aide™ 1-1-0 +2% Mg

 Rhizo Aide™ 1-1-0 +2% Mg, A 100% Natural & Organic Fertilizer and Soil Amendment


Grigg Brothers® adds another innovative product to the GreenSpec™ granular fertilizer portfolio. Rhizo Aide™ is a fertilizer and soil amendment that contains 2 percent (%) magnesium (Mg) to improve turf color and vigor, and meets rigorous physical inspection for superior spreadability and dissolution characteristics. 

Mark Grigg, President & CEO says “Rhizo Aide™ meets our goals as a company - to innovate and bring unique solutions to our clients."


When used correctly, Rhizo Aide™ conditions the rhizosphere and improves playability. Rhizo Aide™ also contains a non-ionic wetting agent for improved nutrient placement and increased product efficacy.


About Grigg Brothers®
“Grigg Brothers has proven itself to be a valuable partner in the golf and sports turf industry since 1995. Their Proven Foliar™ liquid and GreenSpec™ granular fertilizer technologies are backed by many years of independent university research and extensive field trials. Grigg Brothers continues to offer turfgrass managers and greenkeepers proven fertilizer® solutions with unmatched quality, performance, and compatibility.”

“The Grigg Brothers® Proven Foliar® product line possesses several unique characteristics that account for their superior performance. Central to these unique formulations are the proprietary natural plant and organic compounds that chelate and complex the nutrients. Each nutrient is addressed specifically and matched to a specific formulation of natural agents and organic facilitators that assist in the vascular transport of all nutrients, keeping them mobile and available for plant use.”

“The GreenSpec™ granular fertilizer formulations provide fast and consistent nutrient availability and contain natural compounds that enhance soil microbiology and chemistry. These products were developed with purity in mind. The result is an efficient nutrient delivery system with superior performance and environmental safety.”

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