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GRIGG Expands Turf Portfolio with Advanced Plant Health Products from BRANDT iHammer

Springfield, Illinois (January, 31 2024) – GRIGG, a premium brand of plant health products specifically designed to maintain the vitality of turfgrass under extreme conditions, is expanding its line of offerings to include three technology-enhanced plant health products from BRANDT iHammer.

GRIGG MegAleX®, GRIGG Advantage® and GRIGG Upplause® Plus, previously marketed under BRANDT iHammer, will round out the GRIGG line with science-based products that support the GRIGG brand promise of research-driven solutions backed by innovative agronomic support.

GRIGG is a leading, market-facing brand of BRANDT, Inc. By marketing BRANDT iHammer’s technologies under the GRIGG brand, GRIGG customers will have access to new technologies and an integrated portfolio of BRANDT’s premier turf offerings.

“I’m excited about this fundamental market repositioning,” said John Guglielmi, National Sales Director of BRANDT Specialty Formulations. “This decision supports BRANDT’s ongoing commitment to provide turf managers with innovative, tested and proven solutions in a brand that has defined turf innovation for more than 25 years.”

GRIGG was founded by brothers Mark and Gary GRIGG in 1995 and continues as one of the most trusted brands in the turf industry. GRIGG became part of BRANDT in 2014. That same year, iHammer was also brought under the BRANDT umbrella through the joint venture BRANDT iHammer. BRANDT iHammer continues to enjoy the leadership of Mike McBride who has built on the work of Dr. Arthur Nonomura to improve turfgrass health.

“It is an honor to be associated with GRIGG,” said Mike McBride, Owner of BRANDT iHammer. “Through this, our landmark products and technologies will join a brand with an impeccable reputation for growing the finest turfgrass.”

The integration will kickoff at the 2024 Golf Course Industry Show in Phoenix, AZ. Visit booth #2957 to learn more about the exciting turf products and plant health solutions offered by BRANDT and GRIGG.


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