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New GRIGG Product—GRIGG Rezadone—Targets Thatch and Breaks Down Black Layer Organic Matter

Springfield, Illinois (May 30, 2024) – GRIGG, a BRANDT brand, has launched GRIGG Rezadone™, a groundbreaking liquid product designed to enhance turfgrass health and vitality. Using advanced, patent-pending microbe technology, GRIGG Rezadone accelerates the breakdown of grass clippings and improves water flow through the soil profile to reduce black layer.

GRIGG Rezadone optimizes environmental conditions to prolong microbial activity to improve soil health. The product also enhances nutrient release, supporting vigorous growth and vibrant turfgrass coloration, while reducing the need for frequent aeration and preserving soil structure and integrity.

“This product is a game-changer for the turf industry,” says John Guglielmi, National Sales Director of BRANDT. “This innovative product will provide turf managers with healthier, more vibrant turfgrass. GRIGG Rezadone reflects our commitment to top-quality solutions for the turf industry.”

For more information about GRIGG Rezadone or to find a distributor near you, please call 800-300-6559 or visit https://grigg.co/specialty-soil-fertilizers/grigg-rezadone/


GRIGG has been a part of BRANDT since 2014. BRANDT, a leading turf, and agricultural company, serves growers around the globe. Founded in 1953 by Glen Brandt and his sister Evelyn Brandt Thomas to help Illinois farmers adopt new and profitable technologies, the company has experienced aggressive growth under the leadership of President and CEO Rick Brandt. For more information, visit BRANDT on the web at www.brandt.co