BRANDT provides a full range of nutrition, crop protection, adjuvant and sustainable solutions for ornamentals. From enhanced efficiency fertilizers to foliar nutrition, biopesticides and products that keep irrigation lines and water sources safe and efficient. To learn more, you may view our full range of product using the product finder or browse our key products for ornamentals on this page.

Looking for a BRANDT product nutrition product in your area? 

Our products are available at leading ag retailers and distributors throughout the U.S. To locate a distributor near you, contact your local BRANDT Expert or contact us at 800 300 6559 or info@brandt.co.

Not all products are registered for sales in all countries and/or U.S. states. Please contact BRANDT concerning the registration status of the products in your area.

Key Products Nutritional  Programs

BRANDT® Plant Start

8-27-2 with seaweed extract

Manni-Plex® Cal-Mag (Turf)

High performance foliar Ca, Mg

BRANDT® Manni-Plex® B Moly

High Performance Foliar B, Mo

Manni-Plex® Cal Zn

High performance foliar Ca, Zn

BRANDT® Manni-Plex® K

High Performance Foliar K

TriTek® (Turf)

Sustainable Fungicide, Insecticide, Miticide