Our Insights | Agronomy
April 26, 2016

Corn Emergence and Soybean Planting

Conditions have been favorable for proper corn emergence. Warm soil temperatures and adequate soil moisture the last 10-14 days have given the corn seed the start it needs. Emergence typically takes place once 125 GDUs have been accumulated since planting. The longer a germinating seed remains below the soil surface, the more problems can be encountered with diseases and insect feeding. A good website/tool for calculation GDUs can be found here: https://mygeohub.org/groups/u2u/gdd

We planted some earlier soybeans as part of a planting date trial, but the majority of our soybeans currently being planted. More focus is being put on soybean production and we will be looking at some high management practices to achieve maximum yield in soybeans. Variety trials, seed treatment options, nutrient management and cover crops are just a few of the other variables we are testing this year.