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August 23, 2016

Grey Leaf Spot: Fungicide Treated vs Untreated

Grey Leaf Spot Observation at Pleasant Plains, IL Research Farm


Fungicide, Insecticide and Brandt Smart Boron was applied on June 20th during the VT stage.  


No disease was present at the time of application so why apply at that early stage?   Hot and Dry conditions during the previous 6 weeks at Pleasant Plains, plus the forecast for more of the same, was all we needed to know to make the decision to spray early this year.


The fungicide assisted the corn plant with reducing ethylene levels and slowing the maturity of the plant. Now, nearly 60 days later, that same application is still positively affecting the photosynthesis and spread of disease.


Managing plant stress improves kernel weight and yield. We are anticipating a significant yield increase on our fungicide treated corn.