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July 09, 2019

Proper Timing for Foliar Boron on Peanuts

Peanuts will soon begin to flower, which is the best foliar timing and peak demand for boron in peanut plants. Because peanuts are normally grown in sandy soils that are low boron, they are responsive to foliar boron applications. To further complicate the issue, boron is easily leached and many peanuts are grown on irrigated fields.   


Low boron supply can lead to a loss of fruit set and development. If boron deficiencies are severe, it can impact the flower’s development itself. Quality and yield are also positively impacted by improved sugar translocation to developing peanuts and prevent “hollow heart”.


Starting at flowering through pod development, BRANDT Smart B-Mo applied at a rate of 1 to 2 pints/acre is very effective in supplying boron and molybdenum.  


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Apply BRANDT Smart B-Mo at 1-2 pts/ac

Apply BRANDT Smart B-Mo at 1-2 pts/ac

BRANDT Smart B-Mo contains a novel boron delivery system that dramatically improves boron mobility within the plant.