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July 01, 2019

BRANDT Smart System® on Soybeans: See the Difference

2019 Research Farm Trial – BRANDT Smart System on Soybeans - Illinois
The following images show the effect of BRANDT Smart System foliar applications on soybeans after one week.


The NDVI imagery was taken 5 days after application and shows the areas treated with BRANDT Smart Trio, BRANDT Smart B-Mo and BRANDT Smart Sulfur Plus are much darker green than the control. The green area indicates increased vegetative growth and plant health.


The photo of the soybeans was taken 8 days after application. There is a visible increase in flowers, node count, stem diameter and chlorophyll content. BRANDT Smart Trio and BRANDT Smart B-Mo were applied.


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Trial Info  
Crop Soybeans
Variety CZ 3601 LL
Population 120,000
Planting Date 5/15/19
Application Date 6/20/19
Location Sangamon Counting, IL


NDVI: June 25th, 5 days after application

June 28th, 8 days after application