Processing Tomato Response to BRANDT® EnzUp® Zn

July 15, 2019

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Plant Nutrition

In a late planted processing tomato field in San Joaquin County, California, we set up a trial with BRANDT EnzUp Zn. The material was applied approximately 48 hours prior to transplanting as a drench to the transplant trays. These pictures show the progress roughly one month after planting. The BRANDT EnzUp treated plants are showing significantly more vigor with larger plants and better cover of the beds. Root digs indicate better root development in the treated plants as well.


In addition to the Zinc content, BRANDT EnzUp Zn contains two enzymes that work to improve nutrient availability and uptake from the soil. This pre-plant application timing facilitates immediate nutrient uptake as soon as tomato plants are planted enabling better early growth and root development.

Treated with BRANDT EnzUp Zn