Randy Dowdy - World Record Soybean Yield

Listen in as BRANDT's Director of Discovery & Innovation, Brian Haschemeyer, and Technical Agronomy Manager, Ed Corrigan, talk about high-yield soybean fertility. Including some insights on Randy Dowdy's world record soybean yield nutrition plan that BRANDT helped construct.


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Fertility Insights That Helped Set the New Soybean Yield World Record

That’s right. Randy Dowdy has done it again! He’s broken the world record for soybean yield with 190.23 bushels per acre using BRANDT’s proprietary nutritionals. This surpasses his previous record of 171 bushels per acre in 2016.


“The plant health technology coming from BRANDT is outstanding. They are constantly challenging the status quo and bringing new tools and concepts to the market. Their products have been a key factor of our success.”

                     -Randy Dowdy


In this segment of Rural America Live that aired on RFD-TV, our Director of Discovery & Innovation, Brian Haschemeyer, talks with Randy Dowdy about the fertility program they established to help reach this outstanding yield.

BRANDT has been helping Dowdy win growing competitions and set corn and soybean yield records since 2011. The company’s proprietary foliar nutrient line, BRANDT Smart System®, has played a key role. BRANDT Smart products are compatible with crop protectants, allowing easy tank mixing and mitigating crop stress. BRANDT’s new patent pending enzyme technology, BRANDT EnzUp, was also used on the record breaking soybeans.

Randy Dowdy's Soybean Fertilizer Program





At Planting


32 oz/ac




V3-R1 Stages

BRANDT® Smart B-Mo

32 oz/ac


N-Boost® 5

32 oz/ac


BRANDT Smart Quatro® Plus

32 oz/ac






32 oz/ac


BRANDT Smart Trio®

32 oz/ac


N-Boost 5

32 oz/ac




Pod Fill


32 oz/ac


BRANDT Smart Trio

32 oz/ac



This fertility program used by Randy Dowdy to achieve his world record soybean yield of 190.23 bushels per acre, was carefully constructed by Randy and our team of experts, including our Director of Discovery & Innovation, Brian Haschemeyer. Each product, timing and rate were selected for specific reasons to help the plant reach optimal nutrient levels.  







BRANDT Smart B-Mo is one of the most efficient and user friendly forms of boron that provides up to 8x more efficiency and mobility than 10% boron. This extremely compatible formulation is highly soluble and stable across broad pH ranges. 


Boron is one of the most common micronutrient deficiencies. Without sufficient levels of boron many plant functions can be impaired. Low B can negatively impact vegetative and reproductive growth, cell and tissue growth and reproductive capacity.


BRANDT Smart Trio
BRANDT SMART TRIO is the original formulation in the top-selling BRANDT SMART SYSTEM foliar nutrient product line. It is a ready to use 4-0-0 formulation with a robust micronutrient package, including Boron, Manganese, Sulfur and Zinc. It is ideal for in-season nutrient applications on row crops and is an excellent tank mix partner for glyphosate and late season fungicide applications. 


If using Dicamba or 2,4-D herbicides, BRANDT Smart Quatro is an excellent alternative and has been approved for tank mixing. 

BRANDT Smart Quatro Plus
BRANDT SMART QUATRO PLUS is a new advanced compatibility, high efficiency foliar designed for superior compatibility with fungicides and *select dicamba herbicides. The 5-0-0 formulation contains a full micronutrient package, including boron, manganese, molybdenum, zinc and sulfur. It supplies high quality, readily available nutrients to plants in a highly efficient and mobile form, making it an ideal choice for in-season nutrient applications on row crops

BRANDT SMART K B is a new high efficiency foliar potassium formulation in the top-selling BRANDT SMART SYSTEM product line. It is a 2-0-16 formulation with a spike of boron and is ideal for in-season nutrient applications on specialty crops and row crops


N-Boost 5
N-BOOST 5 is a foliar nitrogen supplement with a patented fermentation extract derived from sugarcane. The formulation helps boost nutrient uptake and utilization, which in turn enhances new plant growth and yield. Increased nutrient uptake not only benefits crop yield, it helps the environment by reducing nutrient run-off and leaching into local watersheds.



BRANDT ENZUP is a revolutionary new enzyme-based specialty product line. Developed from years of scientific research and discovery, BRANDT EnzUp formulations contain specific enzymes that perform distinct functions in the soil profile and root zone. The enzymes are treated with a patent pending protection process that extends the length of time they remain active in the soil for improved results.



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