Recent Cold Snap and Nutrient Deficiencies

May 19, 2021

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Last week's cooler temps resulted in slow progression of many crops across central Illinois. Slower crop growth and metabolism and cooler soil temps can result in negative effects including:

  • Nutrient deficiencies
  • Increased herbicide injury
  • Increased seedling damping off and diseases


Of these effects, nutrient deficiencies may be the most common. Be patient and allow for warmer temps to return and for the crop to find the nutrients in the soil. Below are pictures of some common early season nutrient deficiencies due to cool conditions.


Early season P deficiency in corn due to cool temps. Reddish-purplish symptoms are due to sugar accumulations in older leaves


Early season Sulfur deficiency in corn due to cool temps. Interveinal chlorosis/striping is common. Nitrogen deficiency symptoms may also appear with sulfur. 


Early season Zinc deficiency in corn due to cool temps. Symptoms may appear similar to HPPD herbicides (Callisto, etc). Corn between V2 and V5 will most likely show symptoms.

Early season Sulfur + Nitrogen deficiency in corn due to cool temps. General chlorosis along leaf tips and margins.