Seed Rx®

Your Seed Prescription

Seed Rx® – a proprietary technology that identifies the phenotypical seed characteristics that best match a field’s productivity. This allows a grower to choose from a list of different manufactured hybrids tailored to their fields. Once this process is complete, Seed Rx produces a variable rate plant population recommendation.


Utilizing exclusive BRANDT technologies, Seed Rx pulls records both past and present to make detailed recommendations that are customized to environmental factors in your field.



With Seed Rx, growers are now able to match population and hybrid seeds to the field’s soil productivity. The seed Rx system uses field history and data that places hybrids in the proper zones, maximizing each field’s true yield potential.



The Seed Rx System groups seed, hybrids and varieties into the phenotypes. A phenotype is the set of physical characteristics, like height, root type or ear placement that results from the plant’s genetic makeup. The differences in characteristics give each phenotype a specific advantage in certain zones, which allows seed type to be effectively matched to the field based on field fertility levels, drainage conditions, coil textures and mineralization.