Advanced Turf Nutrition, Turf Colorants, Spray Indicators

Advanced Turf Nutrition, Turf Colorants, Spray Indicators

BRANDT manufactures a wide range of nutrition, disease control and utility products that help keep golf courses looking their best. These include:

  • High performance foliar nutrients
  • Glucoheptonates
  • Spray pattern indicators
  • Turf paint and colorants

BRANDT products are available through licensed distributors. For more information, please contact the BRANDT expert or distributor near you. 

Not all products are registered for sales in all countries. Please contact BRANDT concerning the registration status of the products in your area.

Our Experts

David Sincock

+61 419 011 787
Sr. Business Manager
Asia Pacific

Dr. Ramon Georgis

+1 217 547 5800
Vice President, BRANDT
International, LLC

Key Products

Manni-Plex® Root Builder

High performance foliar Mg, B, Cu, Mn, Zn

BRANDT® Mag Nitrate

Nutrient Solution

BRANDT® Supreme Green

Our Distributor in Singapore

Looking for BRANDT products in Singapore? Contact the following distributors for all available products and formulations in your area.

Wendell Trading Company
Block 9 Marsiling Industrial E
+6793 7185
+6760 6910