BRANDT® Smart System®

Smarter nutrient delivery with advanced compatibility.

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BRANDT Smart System
As today’s tank mixes become more challenging, the need for “smarter” and more compatible foliar nutrition is increasing. BRANDT SMART SYSTEM foliar micronutrients were designed for superior performance in a wide range of complex crop protection tank mixes, including glyphosate and *select dicamba and 2,4-D herbicides.


Key Benefits

  • Proprietary molecules are formulated for rapid nutrient uptake and delivery to plant growing points
  • Ready to use formulations tank mix with herbicides, fungicides and insecticides
  • Formulated to deliver micronutrient combinations that are in high demand in row crops and will improve crop health, stress and yield
  • Nutrients are protected so that they will not bind with the herbicide or other nutrients'
  • Nutrients assist herbicide metabolism and help mitigate crop stress

Legacy BRANDT Smart System Products Designed for Compatibility with Traditional, Glyphosate-Based Herbicides and/or Fungicides

Product Guaranteed Analysis
BRANDT Smart B 5.0% B
BRANDT Smart Mg 4-0-0, 4.0% Mg, 4.0% S
BRANDT Smart Mn 6-0-0, 3.5% S, 6.0% Mn
BRANDT Smart Trio 4-0-0, 3.0% S, 0.25% B, 3.0% Mn, 3.0% Zn
BRANDT Smart Zn 6-0-0, 3.0% S, 6.0% Zn

New, Dicamba Ready BRANDT SMART SYSTEM Foliar Nutrients with Superior Compatibility

Product Guranteed Analysis XtendiMax Engenia Enlist Duo Enlist One
BRANDT Smart B-Mo 5.0% B, 0.5% Mo X X X  
BRANDT Smart Cu 5-0-0, 3.0% S, 6.0% Cu X   X X
BRANDT Smart Fe 2.0% S, 4.0% Fe X X    
BRANDT Smart K B 2-0-16, 2.5% B, 0.2% Mo X X X
BRANDT Smart Mn Plus 5-0-0, 2.0% S, 4.0% Mn X* X   X
BRANDT Smart P 4-24-0 X     X
BRANDT Smart Quatro Plus 5-0-0, 2.0% S, 0.5% B, 2.0% Mn, 0.05% Mo, 2.0% Zn X X X
BRANDT Smart Sulfur Plus 5-0-0, 5.0% S, 0.5% B, 1.5% Mn, 0.05% Mo, 1.5% Zn X X X X

*with approved DRA


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