Your Guide to a Complete Soybean Nutrition Program

March 15, 2022

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Plant Nutrition

Thanks for tuning in to our Soybean Nutrition Program! Our experts, who have years of experience working with soybeans, have put together their recommendations for secondary and micro nutrients based on their experience and trial work with soybeans.


What You’ll Learn

  • What micronutrients are important to soybeans
  • What role each micronutrient plays in soybeans production
  • When to apply micronutrients to soybeans
  • A better understanding of foliar micronutrient technologies
  • Which products can help you accomplish your micronutrient goals


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Video 1: Priming the Soil

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4 Goals for Soybean Fertility

We've broken this fertility program into four goals that a grower should try to optimize yield and set the crop up for a good yield next year. Within each of these goals we're going to focus on the role various plant nutrients play during those stages of crop development.

  • Priming the soil
  • Stress Mitigation
  • Flowering
  • Pod Fill

Priming the Soil

Goal Number One - Soil Preparation

  • Provide a nutrient rich soil for germination – N, P, S
  • Nodule formation
  • Seed treatments to help with disease resistance
    • Assist plants to metabolize post herbicides 
    • Improves nitrogen production
    • Reduce abiotic plant stress


Key Nutrients

  • Manganese
  • Iron
  • Sulfur
  • Molybdenum


Products and Timing

  • BRANDT EnzUp Zn 1 qt/a
    • (4% Zn)
  • BRANDT EnzUp Mn Plus 1 qt/a
    • (3% Mn)
  • BRANDT Uptake Starter 1 -4 pints/a
    • (4% N, 1% K2O, 4% S)

Release Bonded Nutrition in Cold Soils

  • Phosphorus
  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Manganese
  • Zinc
  • Iron
  • Copper
  • Boron

MANNANASE:  Breaks down exudates around root tip and organic carbon, which releases sugars and improves water and nutrient uptake

LIPASE:  Breaks down lipid portion of organic matter into smaller more digestible units, potentially also mineralizing N and P into plant available forms.

Stress Mitigation

Goal Number Two - Mitigate Stress

  • Zn and Mn, assist with stress mitigation
  • Metabolize herbicide
  • Stimulate root growth


Key Nutrients

  • Nitrogen
  • Boron
  • Manganese
  • Zinc


Products and Timing

  • BRANDT Smart Sulfur Plus 1 -2 qt/a
    • (5% N, 5% S, 0.5% B, 1.5% Mn, 0.05% Mo, 1.5% Zn)
  • BRANDT Smart Trio 1 -2 qt/a
    • (4% N, 3% S, 0.25% B, 3% Mn, 3% Zn)
  • BRANDT Smart Quatro Plus 1 -2 qt/a
    • (5% N, 2% S, 0.5% B, 2% Mn, 0.05% Mo, 2% Zn)
  • BRANDT Smart Mn Plus 1 - 2 qt/a
    • (5% N, 2% S, 4% Mn)

BRANDT® Smart System®

Tank Mix Compatibility with Crop Protectants

  • BRANDT Smart System stays compatible
  • Truly unique micronutrient protection system
  • Not a chelate or a complex
  • Re-wettable after dry down on leaf

Use with Glyphosate

BRANDT SMART TRIO is the original formulation in the topselling BRANDT® SMART SYSTEM® foliar nutrient product line. It is a ready to use 4-0-0 formulation with a robust micronutrient package, including Boron, Manganese, Sulfur and Zinc. It is ideal for in-season nutrient applications on row crops and is an excellent tank mix partner for glyphosate and late season fungicide applications.

Use with Dicamba and 2, 4-D

BRANDT SMART QUATRO PLUS is a new advanced compatibility, high efficiency foliar designed for superior compatibility with fungicides and *select dicamba herbicides. The 5-0-0 formulation contains a full micronutrient package, including boron, manganese, molybdenum, zinc and sulfur. It supplies high quality, readily available nutrients to plants in a highly efficient and mobile form, making it an ideal choice for in-season nutrient applications on row crops

BRANDT Smart System Products Approved for Use with Dicamba and 2, 4-D Herbicides


Formulation Product Description XtendiMax Engenia Enlist Duo Enlist One Tavium
BRANDT Smart B-Mo High efficiency foliar boron with molybdenum X X X   X
BRANDT Smart Fe High efficiency foliar iron with sulfur X X      
BRANDT Smart K B High efficiency foliar potassium with boron X* X X X  
BRANDT Smart Mn Plus High efficiency foliar manganese X* X X X X
BRANDT Smart P High efficiency phosphate X     X  
BRANDT Smart Quatro Plus Advanced compatibility foliar Zn, Mn, B and Mo X X X X X
BRANDT Smart Sulfur Plus High efficiency foliar sulfur with full micropack X X X X  
BRANDT Smart Cu High efficiency foliar copper with sulfur X   X X  

*with approved DRA

BRANDT Smart Mn PlusSoybean Tissue Test – Average of 9 Location – 2017 to 2018

Soybean Acres Highly Susceptible to Mn Deficiencies

Mn Deficiency has Significant Impact on Photosynthetic Activity

Green = Soybean Acres

Blue = High Incidence of Mn Deficiency


1. High pH soils with low Mn content

2. Isolated soil pockets with low Mn

3. Pockets of black sandy soils, muck and lakebed soils.  Low Mn soil levels.

4. Low pH, well drained sandy coastal plains soil and high rain fall. Low Mn soil levels.

See the Smart System Difference

Video 2: "Flowering" Coming Soon!

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