Total Acre®

The Science Behind Crop Production

To meet today’s agronomic and economic challenges, farmers need the reliability of proven expertise from people who understand grower’s specific needs and farming practices. BRANDT Total Acre is a science-based approach to crop production that combines agronomic expertise and data management. By harnessing the latest technology, industry best practices and local knowledge, the BRANDT solution enables growers to increase productivity and achieve higher net return per acre.



When using Total Acre, growers are given access to:

  • Increased profitability through custom recommendations, data analysis and field inspections.
  • BRANDT’s team of industry leading experts including field advisors, certified custom applicators, plant managers and technical support personnel.


BRANDT Total Acre relies on an integrated approach throughout the growing season to deliver maximum results. There are two key modules in Total Acre℠ that feed off of one another, taking advantage of the ‘cause and effect’ of each step in managed crop production.


And while the modules can be seen as individual ‘services,’ they work best as part of the integrated Total Acre system. Each of the modules provides the grower with critical information that makes up a whole solution. The modules are:


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