Advanced Plant Health Solutions, Biopesticides, Adjuvants

BRANDT Products in the Southwest

BRANDT manufactures a wide range of plant nutrition, plant protection and adjuvant solutions that help crops realize their full genetic potential. Our products include:

  • Advanced compatibility foliar nutrients
  • Patented nutrient efficiency enhancers
  • Dry and liquid chelated nutrients
  • 50+ OMRI Listed products for organic production
  • Adjuvants and utility products
  • Irrigation and pond chemicals

Looking for a BRANDT product in the southwest? 

Our products are available at leading ag retailers and distributors throughout the U.S. To locate a distributor near you, contact your local BRANDT Expert.

Not all products are registered for sales in all countries and/or U.S. states. Please contact BRANDT concerning the registration status of the products in your area.

Our Experts

Britt Parker

602 478 0678
Territory Manager
East & Central TX, OK

Doug Hopkins

817 797 0337
Territory Manager
NM, West TX

Kevin Dieckman

816 804 4399
Regional Manager
Great Plains/SW Region

Becky Dobbins

317 750 6501
Ag Business
Development Manager

John Guglielmi

407 448 1393
National Sales Director
Key Products


Advanced Compatibility Foliar Boron

Manni-Plex® for Pecans

High performance foliar Zn, Mn, Fe, Cu

BRANDT® Manni-Plex® B Moly

High Performance Foliar B, Mo

Manni-Plex® Zn

High performance foliar Zn

BRANDT Reaction® 2-9-6 LS

Nutrient Efficiency Enhancer

BRANDT Reaction® P LS

Nutrient Efficiency Enhancer

BRANDT® Sequestar® 9% Zn

Liquid EDTA Chelated Zn

Nordox® 75 WG

OMRI Listed Copper Fungicide

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