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BRANDT Nutrition Products Help David Hula Set New Corn Yield World Record

Announcement Comes Two Months After Dowdy Set New Soybean World Record Using BRANDT Products

SPRINGFIELD, Illinois (December 18, 2019) – BRANDT, a leading manufacturer of agriculture specialty products, has helped another grower set a new world yield record this year. David Hula’s corn yield was recorded at 616 bushels per acre as part of the 2019 National Corn Grower Association’s national corn yield contest. This record comes just two months after Randy Dowdy set the soybean world record with 190 bu/ac. Both growers use BRANDT’s proprietary nutritional products.

“The new plant and soil health technology coming from BRANDT is outstanding,” Hula said. “Their new enzyme technology, BRANDT EnzUp, was a key factor of my success.”

BRANDT has been working with David Hula since 2018 and working with Dowdy win since 2011. Both Hula and Dowdy used BRANDT EnzUp® and BRANDT Smart System® foliar nutrients on the record winning plots. BRANDT EnzUp is a new enzyme technology that ignites soil activity and creates a rich environment for germination and rooting. BRANDT Smart System advanced compatibility foliar nutrients are applied with post-emergent herbicides and help mitigate crop stress.

“It’s a pleasure to work with growers of this caliber. David and Randy are always exploring new ways to push quality and yield,” said Brian Haschemeyer, Director of Discovery and Innovation at BRANDT. “This is exactly what we’re focused on. We recommended BRANDT EnzUp at planting to improve the soil environment and get crops off to a good start. I think we accomplished that.”

Brian Haschemeyer recently discussed BRANDT’s EnzUp and Smart System technology and fertility practices in an educational podcast, which is available on the BRANDT and American Soybean Association websites.

“Congratulations to David Hula and Randy Dowdy on these amazing accomplishments,” said Rick Brandt, President and CEO of BRANDT. “We are proud to be a part of the next generation of agriculture and a trusted partner helping growers achieve better results.”

The photos above showcase the impact of BRANDT’s new enzyme technology on corn. Both Hula and Dowdy used BRANDT EnzUp on their 2019 world record corn and soybean plots.BRANDT EnzUp is applied at planting to ignite soil activity and prime the soil environment for success.

BRANDT products are available through approved distributors throughout the U.S. and in 51 countries around the world. To learn more or locate a U.S. distributor, download the BRANDT Product Finder App from Apple or Google Play.



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