BRANDT Locations
225 Lake Avenue
Niantic, IL 62551

217 668 2228

Plant Managers Agronomists Field Advisors

Glenn Fuchs

217 473 4497
Plant Manager
Niantic, Illinois

Kenny Tate

217 381 2546
Regional Manager
South Region

Brian Dintelmann

618 741 4031
Technical Agronomist

Kyle McClelland

217 381 7686
Seed Sales Manager

Steve Clement

217 971 2762
Technology Specialist

Jerry Harbour

217 652 3337
Field Advisor
Research Farms

The BRANDT Research and Development Farm was established in Pleasant Plains in 2004 and Lexington in 2011. These farms have conducted over 10,000 trials, all examining the best farming practices in a real world setting.

Pleasant Plains
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BRANDT and ResponsibleAg

BRANDT is a strong supporter of ResponsibleAg. It is our social responsibility to always comply with the latest rules and regulations within the agriculture industry. BRANDT’s alliance with ResponsibleAg allows us to do just that.

ResponsibleAg Inc. is a non-profit organization founded in 2014 to promote the public welfare by assisting agribusinesses as they seek to comply with federal environmental, health, safety and security rules regarding the safe handling and storage of fertilizer products. 

the organization provides participating businesses a federal regulatory compliance audit relating to the safe storage and handling of fertilizers, recommendations for corrective action where needed and a robust suite of resources to assist in this regard.